Published Works

Complete List of Published and Forthcoming Works, and Where to Find Them!

(Published works are indicated with a hyperlink to the work or a place to buy it.  Works without a link are either forthcoming, or no longer in print)


  • "The Spark". Hiraeth Publishing, Scheduled August 2021 (Print and Digital)


  • "The Dinosaur's Eyes". 365tomorrows, Jan 24th, 2019 (Online)

  • "A Prophecy Fulfilled". Daily Science Fiction, August 29th, 2019. (Online)

  • "Uncivilized". 365tomorrows, Dec. 17th 2019 (Online)

  • "I Changed the World, Forever". 365tomorrows, Dec 4th 2020 (Online)

  • "One Thread". Fudoki Magazine, Dec 12th, 2020(Online)

  • "The Gospel According to Julie". The Fifth Di…, June 2021 (Print) (Digital)

  • "Mission to Techland". Shelter of Daylight, January 2022 (Print) (Digital)

  • "All the Potential". The Fifth Di..., March 2022 (Print) (Digital)


  • "full moon". Acorn, Spring 2015 (Print)

  • "eviction notice". Acorn, Fall 2019 (Print) Reprint in Red Moon Anthology, Spring 2019 (Print

  • "morning tea". Frogpond Journal, Winter 2019 43:1 (Print)

  • "dry September". Modern Haiku, Winter/Spring 2020 51.1 (Print)

  • "twilight". Three Line Poetry, Issue 52 (Print) (Online)

  • "April sunshine". Three Line Poetry, Issue 53 (Print) (Online)

  • "broken windshield". Under the Basho, Issue 19. (Online)

  • "on switch", "orbiting a gas giant", "abyssal zone". Scifaikuest (Online Version), August 2020 (Online)

  • "binary sunrise", "the silence 1", "trembling", "she wheezes, 'I love you'". Scifaikuest Print Version), August 2020 (Print)

  • "May breeze". Acorn, Fall 2020 (Print)

  • "the silence 2". Three Line Poetry, Issue 54 (Print) (Online)

  • "tidal shift". Frogpond Journal, Fall 2020, 43:3 (Print)

  • "ringing buoy", "wrong button", "smoldering wall", "event horizon". Scifaikuest (Online Version), November 2020 (Online)

  • "harvest moons", "eight zombies close in", "first light", "through", "paradox", "gulping sea water". Scifaikuest (Print Version), November 2020 (Print)

  • "spring tea". Modern Haiku, Autumn 2020 51.3 (Print)

  • "past midnight", "sunrise". Presence, Issue 68, November 2020 (Print)

  • "hungry dinosaur", "wind in my ears", "bubbles". Scifaikuest (Online Version), February 2021 (Online)

  • "I squeeze her hand", "grand-theft-starship", "time warp", "my hand on the glass", "to", Scifaikuest (Print Version), February 2021 (Print)

  • "daybreak". "unsupervised", "Earth fills the window", "damn the plasma torpedoes". Star*Line, Winter 2021 44.1 (Print)

  • "winter solstice". Three Line Poetry, Issue 55, February 2021 (Print) (Online)

  • "the whisper". Shamrock, Issue 45 (Online)

  • "nearly midnight". Haikuniverse, April 21st, 2021 (Online)

  • "cyberscape", "aliens invading", "fang marks". Scifaikuest (Online Version), May 2021 (Online)

  • "too many drinks", "hyperspace", "time bomb", "click". Scifaikuest (Print Version), May 2021 (Print)

  • buzz of cicadas".  Three Line Poetry, Issue 56. (Print) (Online)

  • "punk song". 50 Haikus, Issue 17 (Print) (Online)

  • "breaststroke". Creatrix, Issue 53, June 2021 (Online)

  • "light snowfall", "new moon". Presence, Issue 70, July 2021 (Print)

  • "inflammatory claims". Prune Juice, Nr. 34, July 2021 (Online)

  • "premonitions", "puzzled", "captivated", "no words". Scifaikuest (Print Version), August 2021 (Print)

  • "frosted window", "super rice", "high as the stars", "still not used". Scifaikuest (Online Version). August 2021 (Online)

  • Scifaikuest, November 2021 (Print) (Lineup TBA)

  • "distant roar", "broken lock", "confirming self-destruct...", "genetic makeover". Scifaikuest (Online Version), November 2021 (Online)

  • "listening to gulls".  Modern Haiku, Autumn 2021 (Print)

  • "throwing away", "colony liner", "waking up from cryo", "reddening face", "three moons", "heartbeat", "chess". Scifaikuest (Print Version), February 2022 (Print)

  • "elf school", "novice witch", "stuck in orbit", "Planet El Dorado", "slouching kill-bot", "conversing with Chlorophyllians", "three clones". Scifaikuest (Online Version), February 2022 (Online)

  • "micro-drive", "laser cannon misfire", "genetic artist". Scifaikuest (Print Version), May 2022 (Print)

  • "cold waters", "air raid siren", "stalled engine", "gulping the potion". Scifaikuest (Online Version), May 2022 (Online)

  • "a jungle planet", "event horizon". Star*Line (TBA)


  • "Robbers in the Night". The Crucible, October 2012 (Print) (Out of Print)

  • "The Artemis". Utopia Science Fiction, Vol. 1, Issue 6. Published June 30th, 2020 (Digital)

  • "Battle Cry". Illumen, Autumn 2020 (Print)

  • "All the Possibilities". Star*Line, Summer 2020 43.3 (Print)

  • "Phantoms of Words and Light". Shelter of Daylight, October 2021 (Print, Digital)

  • "Vision Quest". Scifaikuest (Print Version), May 2022 (Print).


  • "The Meaning of Salmon". Inland Ocean Coalition, January 2020 (Online)

  • "Move Past the Speeches". Utopia Science Fiction, October 30th, 2020 (Digital)

  • "Not Too Much: Rethinking Sustainable Fisheries". GoodFish, February 2021 (Online)

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