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(Links to the work or where to buy it are provided.  Works without links are either forthcoming or out of print.)


--"Not Too Much: Rethinking Sustainable Fisheries". February 2021 (Online)

Scifaikuest (Print Version)

--"Confession of a Haiku Poet".  August 2023 (Print)

Shelter of Daylight

--"Move Past the Speeches". Winter 2022 (Reprint From Utopia Science Fiction Oct. 2020) (Print)

Inland Ocean Coalition

--"The Meaning of Salmon”. 2020 (Online)

Utopia Science Fiction

--"Move Past the Speeches". October 2020 (Digital) (Out of Print).

If you want to learn about amazing animals, check the animal fact profiles I've written for Taproot Guru (60+ and counting!)

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