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Short Fiction

(Links to the work or where to buy it are provided.  Works without links are either forthcoming or out of print.)


--"The Dinosaur's Eyes". Jan 24th, 2019 (Online)

--"Uncivilized". Dec. 17th 2019 (Online)

--"I Changed the World, Forever". Dec 4th 2020 (Online)
--"You Don't Buy New Family". Jan 19th 2023. (Online)

Daily Science Fiction

--"A Prophecy Fulfilled". August 29th, 2019. (Online) 

The Fifth Di…

--"The Gospel According to Julie".  June 2021 FEATURED STORY! (Print) (Digital)

--"All the Potential". March 2022 (Print) (Digital)

Factor Four Magazine

--"The Breaker of Tropes". October 2022, Issue 16 (Online)

Fudoki Magazine

--"One Thread". Dec 12th, 2020. (Online)

The Future's So Bright Anthology

--"The Faceless Enemy". September 2022 (Print) (Digital

Galaxy's Edge

--"Subtle Things in Space-Time". TBA (Print) (Online)

The Martian Wave

--"Mandate". July 2023 (Print) (Online)


--"Beads of Death and Love". Issue 61, Winter 2022 (Online)

Shelter of Daylight

--"Mission to Techland". Winter 2022 (Print) (Digital)

Swords & Sorcery Magazine

--"After the Adventure". Issue 126 July 2022 (Online)

Short Fiction: Text
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