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Haiku and Micro Poetry

Links to the work or where to buy it are provided.  Works without links are either forthcoming or out of print.

50 Haikus

--"punk song". Issue 17 (Print) (Online)


--"full moon". Spring 2015 (Print)

--"eviction notice". Fall 2019 (Print

--"May breeze". Fall 2020 (Print)

--"rent". Spring 2022 (Print)

--"campfire smoke". Fall 2022 (Print)

Cold Moon Journal

--"alpenglow", "magic hour", "half asleep". September 2022 (Online)

​--"no reception", "daybreak". June 2024 (Online)


--"breaststroke". Issue 53, June 2021 (Online)

Dwarf Stars

--"Earth fills the window". 2022 (Reprint from Star*Line 40.1) (Print)

Frogpond Journal

--"morning tea". Winter 2019 43:1 (Print)

"tidal shift". Fall 2020, 43:3 (Print)


--"nearly midnight". April 21st, 2021 (Online)

​--"creeping tide". September 25th, 2022 (Online)

Haiku Commentary

--"just off the plane". September 12th, 2021 (Online)

The Heron's Nest

--"steel clouds". December 2022 (Online)

--"war report". March 2023 (Online)


--"the first abduction", "broken wand", "alien hippies", "telepathic convention".  Spring 2022 (Print)

--​"crumbling temple", "paradox police", "don't move...", "telepathic fax". Spring 2023 (Print)


--"sparkling tassel".  Issue 74 (Print).

Minimalism (Revised)
--"The Tutone Tanka"

Modern Haiku

--"dry September”. Winter/Spring 2020 51.1 (Print)

--"spring tea". Autumn 2020 51.3 (Print)

--"listening to gulls". Autumn 2021 52.3 (Print)


--"past midnight", "sunrise". Issue 68, November 2020 (Print)

--"light snowfall", "new moon". Issue 70, July 2021 (Print)

Prune Juice

--"inflammatory claims". No. 34, July 2021 (Online)

Red Moon Anthology

--"eviction notice". Spring 2019 (Reprint from Acorn Fall 2019) (Print

Scifaikuest (Online Version)

Note: Unfortunately, past issues of Scifaikuest Online are no longer archived.  Each issue will be live for three months before it's replaced with the next issue.  Be sure to catch the latest issue while it's available!

--"on switch", "orbiting a gas giant", "abyssal zone". August 2020 (Online) (Out of Print)

--"ringing buoy", "wrong button", "smoldering wall", "event horizon". November 2020 (Online) (Out of Print)

--"hungry dinosaur", "wind in my ears", "bubbles". February 2021 (Online) (Out of Print)

--"cyberscape", "aliens invading", "fang marks". May 2021 (Online) (Out of Print)

--"frosted window", "super rice", "high as the stars", "still not used". August 2021 (Online) (Out of Print)

--"distant roar", "broken lock", "confirming self-destruct...", "genetic makeover". November 2021 (Online) (Out of Print)

--"elf school", "novice witch", "stuck in orbit", "Planet El Dorado", "slouching kill-bot", "conversing with Chlorophyllians", "three clones". February 2022 (Online) (Out of Print)

--"cold waters", "air raid siren", "stalled engine", "gulping the potion". May 2022 (Online)

--"outrunning light", "jungle ruins", "Martian sunrise", "Phobos dreams". August 2022 (Online)

--"another 1969", "just arrived on mars...", "redirecting an asteroid...". November 2022 (Online)

--"stranded on a moon". February 2023 (Online)

--"dying fire", "marooned—day 546", "lunar dog park", "abducted", "bedtime". May 2023 (Online)

--"odd sensor readings...", "solar flare aftermath", "lipstick". August 2023 (Online)

--"lunar hike", "bio transmitter", "my friends gawk". November 2023 (Online)

--"born with echolocation". February 2024 (Online)

--"harvest moon", "now trending—", "drizzly morning", "satyrs make bets". May 2024 (Online)

--"viewing Earth", "midway between". August 2024 (Online)

Scifaikuest (Print Version)

--"binary sunrise", "the silence 1", "trembling", "she wheezes, 'I love you'". August 2020 (Print)

--"harvest moons", "eight zombies close in", "first light", "through", "paradox", "gulping sea water". November 2020 (Print)

--"I squeeze her hand", "grand-theft-starship", "time warp", "my hand on the glass", "to”. February 2021 (Print)

--"too many drinks", "hyperspace", "time bomb", "click". May 2021 (Print)

--"premonitions", "puzzled", "captivated", "no words". August 2021 (Print)

--"another full moon", "screaming", "auburn leaves", "double moon festival", "bug-eyed", "a bed of purple grass", "classroom party", "stellar cruise", "cognitive upgrade", "blended family", "silent hammer", "corner shop", "stage four", "paleo-ranch", "broken water filter", "return voyage", "blast off", "midnight storm", "Cupid's arrow". November 2021 (FEATURED POET!) (Print

--"throwing away", "colony liner", "waking up from cryo", "reddening face", "three moons", "heartbeat", "chess". February 2022 (Print)

--"micro-drive", "laser cannon misfire", "genetic artist". May 2022 (Print)

--"EVA on Titan", "gurgling engine", "dawn", "orbiting Saturn's rings", "star blaze", "pinned to the cliff". August 2022 (Print)

--"forgotten caverns", "sea dragon's roar", "lunar rec center", "rainy Tuesday", "generation ship". November 2022 (Print)

--"eyes closed", "dimensional tennis", "asteroid miners". February 2023 (Print)

--"daybreak 2", "desert gale", "just landed", "cracks splinter". May 2023 (Print)

--"Avalonian loose leaf—", "the ultimate rush", "dungeon gloom", "UV lamp", "first date", "tucked in", "double dared". August 2023 (Print)

"spaceport diner", "interstellar hub", "the strange flash".  November 2023 (Print)

--"spelunking on Mars", "generation ship Olympics", downtown Tycho", "day one of terraforming". February 2024 (Print)

--"cultural appreciation", "F-star glare", "engine whine", "winter solstice". May 2024 (Print)

--"red dwarf sunrise", "misty dawn...". August 2024 (Print)

--"dark matter comet", "looming kaiju...", "Martian sunset", "twiddling my thumbs...". November 2024 (Print)


--"the whisper".  Issue 45 (Online)

--"golden sunset", "ceiling of clouds". Issue 48 (Online)


--"daybreak", "unsupervised", "Earth fills the window", "damn the plasma torpedoes". Winter 2021 44.1 (Print)

--"a jungle planet". Summer 2021 44.3 (Print)

​--"event horizon 2". Fall 2021 44.4 (Print)

--"cries of disbelief", "wormhole gloves". Spring 2022 45.2 (Print)

--"Martian Spaceways". Summer 2022 45.3 (Print)

--"psychic cold". Fall 2022 45.4 (Print)

Three Line Poetry

--"twilight". Issue 52 (Print) (Online)

--"April sunshine". Issue 53 (Print) (Online)

--"the silence 2". Issue 54 (Print) (Online)

--"winter solstice" Issue 55 (Print) (Online)

--"buzz of cicadas". Issue 56. (Print) (Online)

--"fresh air". Issue 57. (Print) (Online)

--"sunrise 2". Issue 58. (Print) (Online)

Under the Basho

--"broken windshield". Issue 19. (Online)

--"coffeehouse chatter". Issue 22 (Online)

Wales Haiku Journal

--"grassland breeze". Summer 2021 (Online)

--"birdsong". Spring 2022 (Online)

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