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Spring Updates

It's been a busy spring. School is winding to a close, and with it my first year working as a high school para. Working as an educator during the COVID era has been challenging, but rewarding. I have had the privelege of helping students finish their coursework so that in June they may graduate! It's an exciting and humbling experience.

In the meantime, I've been trying to find time to write, though it's not always easy to let your creativity stretch its legs and go for a walk. It's become easier now that I'm vaccinated and mask restrictions are being eased. A writer needs to be out and about to see the world; people, animals, sunsets, and more. It does my heart good to smell the scent of flowers and see the trees sprouting green again.

Thus, in the wake of this beautiful spring, I have new works to share with you all!

  • Scifaikuest has released its online May 2021issue, and with it my scifaiku! You can read it for free HERE. The print May 2021 issue, which has different sets of poetry altogether, will be out shortly.

  • Three Line Poetry has released it's latest issue. You can read one of my poems with them ONLINE or IN PRINT.

  • I am thrilled to announce that I also placed a poem with 50 Haikus, a wonderful haiku journal with a deliberately inaccurate title ("haiku" is both singular and plural). You can order a PRINT copy or subscribe for an ONLINE issue.

  • Haikuniverse showcased one of my poems, you can read it HERE.

  • Presence has accepted two of my poems for their 70th issue, and you can preorder a copy HERE. (Their copies are often limited, so if you want one you'd better move fast!)

  • Prune Juice has accepted one of my poems, and it will be out later in July!

  • Lastly, I have been in contact with the head editor of Hiraeth Publishing; we have both agreed on a cover for my novelette The Spark! They say not to judge a book by it's cover, but it's an electrifying cover if I do say so myself! I will share it as soon as I am able. The story is set to hit the press in August.

As always, I encourage you to please purchase copies of the periodicals not for my sake, but to support small publishers. They are platforms that help established and new artists get their work out, and they promote so much amazing work that deserves to be read!

May you be happy, well and safe! Until next time. Thank you for your time and support!

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