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More November News!

There are moments that you don't see coming. You're going about your business and then BAM! Something hits you like a sucker punch. These sudden events spring out like a gigantic Jack-In-The-Box you weren't expecting to pop open, and they're never mild. They're either really good things or really bad things...

Such a moment hit me last week, and I'm glad to say it wasn't one of the bad ones.

Recently, I sent in a fresh batch of poems to Scifaikuest, aiming for their February 2022 issue (they plan their issues WAY in advance). I expected a few would be taken and some would be rejected, as is usually the case. Imagine my surprise when I received an email last Wednesday. The editor explained that she loved all ten of my poems. She wanted to add them to my poems already slated for November 2021, and she offered to have me as the Featured Poet for that issue!

I darn near dropped my phone when I read that! I was (still am) utterly shocked. I've had multiple successful poetry publications, but I'm still relatively new to the scene. I admit I'd hoped that I'd achieve a feature in a magazine at some point in my career, but I figured that would be a good five or ten years away. I guess the stars were properly aligned!

I sent back an email of deep gratitude. Later that night I was sent a series of interview questions, which I answered and sent over the following day. It was surreal to be filling out my first professional interview. I also sent in a few extra poems at their request, so they have a total of twenty. They will select about fifteen of their favorites for my Featured section (I'll wait until they've made the final selections before I update the Published Works page). And of course, a year from now I'll send the word out when the issue is released. I'm so excited, and I can't wait to share those poems with you all!

In an unrelated story, my poems in Modern Haiku 51.3 and Presence Issue 68 are finally available! You can find them HERE and HERE respectfully. I'm especially excited about Presence, as it's my first international publication!

Speaking of international publications, I've also had another haiku accepted abroad, this one in the Irish webzine Shamrock! That will appear in their 45th issue, the release date for which is yet to be determined.

2020 has been full of sudden moments. This time I was lucky and had a really good one, but I've had more than a few bad ones, and I'm sure you have too. Remember, a storm cannot last forever. No matter how strong the wind orhow fierce the rain, it will disapate and the sun will shine again. As we go into Thanksgiving week, I hope that you find more of the good moments. Stay safe, cherish your loved ones, and eat lots of good food.

Until next time!

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